Water Feature Maintenance

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  • Pump maintenance
  • Underwater lighting installation
  • Koi pond maintenance services
  • Water feature maintenance services
  • Fountain maintenance services
  • Koi pond cleaning services
  • Waterfall cleaning services

What to do if your pond is leaking? We have to identify where your pond is leaking from. To do that you quit adding water and wait for the water to drain through the leak until it stops leaking and the water level steadies for a day or so. At that point we go looking just above the water line for a sign of a leak, we will pull rocks away and identify the leak and apply a patch.

What to do if your waterfall is leaking or draining constantly? You firstly look for an spot where a plant, debris, kids toys, or something has blocked the flow of water and caused it to spill over the liner. You also go around the edge of waterfall and check for any low edges on the liner that could be causing water to spill over edge of the liner. You also check for large plants in the vicinity whose roots could damage the liner.