Farm Ponds


  • Aeration, Installation and maintenance
  • Stocking
  • Fertilization
  • Fish Feeding, Fish Feeder Installation
  • Weed Control
  • Constructing Wetlands
  • Waterfall Aeration

What do you want to do with your pond? Your pond should be setup in a manner that most follows your way of life. Meaning what do you want out of it and what do want to do with it

  • Fish? What do you want to fish for would you rather catch 10, 10lbers or would you rather catch 100 1lbers. Do you want to grow the next state record, or do you want catfish fillets or bream fish fries?
  • An unfertilized pond will produce a max of about 100lbs of fish per year, but a fertilization and aeration program can easily produce 300+lbs of fish per year. The other side to this is you have to fish the pond regularly and remove fish, that means fish fries in most cases. If you don’t have the time to fish the pond and the willingness to remove them stocking may not be right for you.
  • Do you want a swim pond, then you would want the water as clear as possible, aeration, possible dyes in the water to reduce algea, herbicide, and/or physical removal of weeds.
  • Do you want architectural landscape feature, maybe you just want a large fountain.
  • Maybe you want the most modern and natural pond someone can build, We can build large streams and waterfalls that connect to the pond and filter the water and construct wetlands for amazing water quality and visually stunning features.