Some examples of our work with prices.

Detailed pricing can be found here: maconponds.com/pond-pricing/

8×11 Pond with fish cave, auto fill valve.

Sold $6000

8×11 Deluxe pond with dual fish caves, 9ft stream addition, lights, and auto fill valve.

Sold $9000

8×11 Pond with fish cave, lights, koi bar, turtle and enclosure area.

Sold $7000

11×16 Pond rebuild, with colored lights, fish cave, auto dosing system, driftwood, and plants.

Sold $13000

Iguanaland 80×20 commercial pond, 10×20 wetland filter, intake bay, colored lighting, driftwood, landscaping.

Aquascape regional pond build 2020 estimated cost $200,000

Bubbling boulder fountain


6ft Small Pondless waterfall, front door falls

sold $3000

16ft Medium pondless waterfall, with lights


16ft Medium pondless waterfall with lights and auto fill valve.

Sold $10,000

Large 35ft pondless waterfall, with lights, and landscaping

Regional Aquascape build, estimate $30,000