Ecosystem Ponds

What is an ecosystem pond?

Ecosystem ponds are built to mimic natural watersheds, wetland, rivers, and lakes. No chemicals are used only plants, rocks water, sunlight, fish and some bacteria. We create a self sustaining aquatic biosphere with natural biological processes.

An ecosystem pond works with mother nature not against it using harsh chemicals. Pond filtration is done with skimmers to remove floating debris, and 3 or more series of biological and plant filters all built into the system. What it means is these ponds are extremely low maintenance, are teaming with biological activity, and are crystal clear!

Ecosystem Fish Ponds

Depending on the size pond we build there is no fish we couldn’t keep. Koi sized ponds can be also be used to keep game fish; pet bass, crappie, bream, catties, even huge gar fish can be kept in an ecosystem pond as pets. River turtles, crawfish, snails, clams, and more.