Spring Pond Cleaning

Professional spring pond cleaning service in Macon, Ga, including Warner Robins and Middle Georgia.

Your pond filtration lies mostly dormant in the winter months. Even in Georgia it is too cold for the bacteria too break down organic matters. The winter months can create extra pond sludge from debris and waste that is not able to be broken down. A heavy cleaning in spring is recommended for most water features.

We will professionally clean ponds and water features, protecting fish, blasting away algae, and pumping away the old waste. We will leave your pond looking spick and span, and healthy.

Spring Pond Upgrades

Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to add to lighting to your water feature we offer various options to enhance your pond at this time.

Starting CostCost per AdditionalDescription
White Lights
$1,000.00$250.00Starting White Lighting Package, 3 white LED’s with photocell transformer.
$2500.00$250.00Deluxe White Lighting Package with 7 LED lights and photocell transformer
Colored Lights
$2,000.00$600.00Starting Colored Lighting Package, with 3 color changing LEDs and smart control hub.
$4000.00$600.00Deluxe Colored Light Package with 7 color changing LEDs and smart control hub
$800.00$800Auto Bacterial Dosing System with 1 year of dosing solution.
$1,000.00Digital Automatic Algae Control System.
$400.001 Hardy Lilly and 3 marginal aquatics.
$12003 Hardy Lilies and 20 marginal aquatics
Rainwater Harvesting
$1,100.00$1,100.001 First Flush Downspout filter with connection to water feature. *if we can install it in your location
$160$160Faux Rock/ Wood Cover

Koi ponds can easily become cloudy with mud, algae, plant growth, and fish waste. Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential to a healthy fish population. One way Green algae growth can be stopped with removal of muck and waste in the bottom of a pond. another way is planting water plants in your waterfalls and ponds to suck up nutrients in the water before and instead of algae. Pond aeration also helps with breaking up algae formation, proper aerators or waterfalls can help with mucky pond water.
We recommend pumping and cleaning with pressure washing.