Constructed Wetlands

There are hundreds of farm ponds in Georgia. 90% of theses ponds have no circulation. While many areas do have spring fed ponds which provide a constant water change, most do not.

Ponds without spring fed water changes and no aeration are likely to develop vegetation and algae problems and can cause you to spend thousands on cleanup services.

Aquascape has developed constructed wetland systems specifically for farm ponds, it involves several parts:

  • Constructed wetlands
  • Intake Bay Skimmer
  • Constructed pond waterfalls and streams

Intake Bay

The intake bay is the heart of a constructed wetlands. it serves several functions:

  • Houses the pumps, in a safe and quiet environment away from debris that could clog the pumps.
  • Acts like a pool “skimmer box” the powerful pumps draw all the surface water towards the intake bay. Intake bays draw all the surface debris, plants, algea, leaves, sticks, and trash are drawn into one area for easy and quick removal.

Constructed Wetlands

A constructed wetland is placed up hill from the pond, and is the start of a stream and waterfall network that empties into the pond. Constructed wetlands are made with upflow filtration and the entire area is full of aquatic plants, it serves several key fuinctions:

  • Plants filter the water of nitrates and nitrogen, removing it from the pond where algae and vegetation feed of it, clearing the water
  • The upflow filtration with tons of rocks and gravel provides a place for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove wastes from the pond further clearing it.

Constructed Waterfalls and Streams

The waterfall and stream network created by the system creates needed aeration and water movement, preventing any fish kills and keeping the pond water circulated and clear.

  • Constantly moving water on surface of the pond, pushes all debris toward the intake bay for removal.
  • Beautiful natural aeration. Multiple waterfalls aerate the water as it descends from the constructed wetland toward the pond below.
  • Aeration will keep the algae growth down in the pond.
  • Aeration will prevent %90+ of fish kills.

When we are done with a constructed wetland system, any pond is transformed. You get a natural rushing stream and waterfall for amazing sound and ambience. You ponds health is increased astronomically. Your pond will have an attached stream to it, and these streams harbor baby fish spawn, eggs are so small they can get sucked though the skimmer and pumps and survive the upflow filter. Almost every constructed wetland ends up full of baby fish, it is the perfect nursery.

  • Amazing Looking Waterfall
  • Amazing Waterfall Sound
  • Clean Healthy Water
  • Built in Fish Nursery
  • Aerated Water
  • Moving water
  • Debris Collection Area